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Shop Kevin’s Choice at the Jubilee Market

Shop Kevin’s Choice at the Jubilee Market

Exciting news! Kevin's Choice has partnered with the Jubilee Market, a premium grocery store with a rich history in New York. Jubilee Market is all about top-notch quality and carefully handpicks the very best products to delight their customers. What sets them apart is their collaboration with a Michelin-starred chef team, who provide valuable input for their deli, cafe, and stocked ingredients. They prioritize locally produced organic goods and bring in delicious, high-quality products from around the world, which has captured the attention of many customers.

With the growing interest in Korean cuisine among New Yorkers, Jubilee Market has embraced Korean products, and we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting venture. We're making our mark not only in Korean markets but also proudly representing Korea throughout the United States.

When we first visited Jubilee Market with our soy crab and salted pollack roe, we were a bit nervous about introducing our products to the manager and staff. But guess what? The Jubilee team is incredible! They have a deep understanding of different cultures and are always up to date with the latest food trends. They eagerly listened to our explanations, and we had a blast tasting various traditional Korean jeotgals (fermented seafood) together.

Located in vibrant Brooklyn, Jubilee Market offers a wide range of Kevin's Choice products that people absolutely love. From soy crab and salted pollack roe to various jeotgals, dried anchovies from Tongyeong, seafood jerkies, dried radish leaves, porridges, jeons (Korean pancakes), and even delightful Korean desserts, they've got it all!

Introducing Korean cuisine and ingredients to foreigners and tempting their taste buds was no easy task. However, we strongly believe that understanding the background and cultural history of a dish adds an extra layer of enjoyment to its flavors. That's why we collaborated with Jubilee Market to organize a fantastic tasting and promotional event on May 13, 2023. Our star of the show was the premium dried anchovies, sourced from the pristine seas of Tongyeong. We even had the honor of welcoming the CEO of Samho Seafood, who flew all the way from Korea to promote our dried anchovies alongside Kevin's Choice. We cooked up mouthwatering stir-fried anchovy rice balls using the freshest anchovies, sharing their nutritional benefits and various cooking methods. Some foreigners were a bit hesitant at first, but once they took that first bite as we suggested, their faces lit up with delight, and their curiosity grew. Some even purchased anchovies and couldn't resist capturing photos of our recipes and ingredients.

The collaboration between Jubilee Market and Kevin's Choice is only getting stronger, and we are committed to providing customers with high-quality and delicious Korean food. Recently, our sesame oil and perilla oil, renowned for their excellent quality, sold out within a month! As a result, we are preparing for exciting promotions and sales of the oils at Jubilee Market.  Can you believe you can stroll through Brooklyn and buy a jar of delicious Jeotgal from Gang-Kyung, Korea? the land of bold flavors. So, why wait? Head over to Jubilee Market and explore their wide selection of premium ingredients and Kevin's Choice products. You're in for a treat!

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