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Master Jo's Chopped Noodle 칼국수 (For 2) 0.7lb (340g)

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  • Healthy chopped noodles made in a traditional way
  • Long lasting Chewy and bouncy texture
  • Can be used in various dishes, enhancing the richness of your meals 


Keep Frozen 0°F


Boil 3.5 mins in water. Once thawed, Keep refrigerated and consume within 1-2 days.


Flour, tapioca, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, water, soybean oil, alcohol(ethanol), salt, glucose, yeast, anchovy powder, soy sauce, dextrin, onion powder, black pepper powder, DL-Alanine

Master Jo's Chopped Noodle 칼국수 (For 2) 0.7lb (340g)

Authentic Korean Mealkit: Master Jo's Chopped Noodles

Experience the exquisite taste and texture of Master Jo's Chopped Noodles 칼국수, a premium Korean noodle mealkit crafted with 15 years of noodle-making expertise. Master Jo has perfected the art of traditional noodle-making techniques learned from Japan, ensuring that each batch of noodles delivers a tangy, chewy texture that stays perfect even in hot broth.

Master Jo's commitment to using only traditional methods results in noodles with the deepest, most meticulously crafted flavors. These chopped noodles maintain their chewy texture for a long time and can be used in various dishes, enhancing the richness of your meals. Whether you're preparing a hearty soup or a stir-fry, Master Jo's Chopped Noodles provide a specialty shop taste that you can enjoy at home.

For a richer broth, cook the noodles together with your other ingredients. For a clear broth, boil the noodles separately and add them to your soup. This versatile noodle product allows you to create warm, delicious meals for your family, making it an essential addition to your pantry.

Product Features:

  • Authentic Korean chopped noodles made using traditional methods
  • Chewy and bouncy texture that lasts in hot broth
  • Perfect for a variety of dishes, enhancing meal richness
  • Provides specialty shop taste at home
  • Convenient 0.7lb (340g) package for two servings

Indulge in the true value of taste with Master Jo's Chopped Noodles, a premium Korean noodle mealkit that brings authentic flavors to your home.

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