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Guamegi (Dried Pike Fish) 300g (10.5oz.)

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  • A savory flavor with a moderate amount of oiliness and a chewy texture
  • Rich source of DHA, and Omega-3
  • 30 years of manufacturing expertise in Guamegi from Guryongpo, Pohang


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Thaw and prepare



Guamegi (과메기, dried pike fish), a blue-back-colored fish, is known to be rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and omega-3. It has chewy and filled with savory and healthy fish oil. It is believed to be beneficial not only for children's growth and skincare but also for preventing hypertension. During the drying process, nucleic acids are generated in higher amounts, which are effective in preventing skin aging, physical decline, and memory loss. Guamegi is washed three times with fresh water to ensure a chewy and savory texture. We maintain clean management of guamegi and constantly monitor temperature and humidity during the wet drying process.

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