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Balloon Flower Extract 260g (9.2oz)

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  • Crafted with 3+ years old balloon flower for rich nutrition.
  • Highly concentrated ballonflower extract.
  • Enjoy as a refreshing drink, and many other ways to enjoy.


Store in a cool dry place


Take one or two spoons a day mixed with water.


Balloon flower roots, Pear Concentrated Juice, Low-Calorie Sweetener, Ginger, Jujube

Crafted from Pure Domestic Ingredients

Balloonflower Extract is made using carefully selected domestic ingredients and traditional expertise passed down through generations. It offers a rich essence packed with the nourishment of balloonflowers. We use balloonflowers aged for over three years, processing them through vacuum concentration to retain their natural nutrients. This 100% domestic balloon flower product is a health guardian rich in saponin. The balloonflowers are cultivated directly in the pristine environment of Cheonho Mountain in Chungnam and processed in a safe facility.

Various Ways to Enjoy Balloonflower Extract

Experience the comfort of a warm cup of tea. Add an appropriate amount to a teacup using a teaspoon, pour in warm water, and stir well. Create a refreshing and invigorating balloonflower ade by mixing with cold water, ice, or sparkling water. This balloon flower ade brings clarity and refreshment. The improved taste of Balloonflower Extract makes it enjoyable for everyone. It's made solely from balloonflowers aged for over three years in Korea and is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and added sugars.

Concentrated Essence of Pure Balloon flower

This product is a concentrated extract without added water. It contains only pure balloonflower extract, free from any additives. With a solid content of 70%, it's a highly concentrated product. Through years of expertise, balloon flowers aged for over three years are processed using low-temperature methods to preserve their nutritional value. This ensures quick and efficient absorption.

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