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Dried Pine Mushroom 100g (3.5oz.)

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  • 80% pine mushroom strain + 20% shiitake mushroom strain,
  • Pesticide-free cultivation, excellent texture, and aroma.
  • Locally grown and cultivated in Nonsan, Korea


Room Temperature


Soak in water (6-8 hours) before cooking


Pine mushroom

Chamsol Songi is a pesticide-free certified pine mushroom. This product is produced by grafting 80% pine mushroom strain and 20% shiitake mushroom strain, resulting in a texture even better than shiitake mushrooms. It embodies the closest resemblance to the texture and aroma of naturally grown pine mushrooms, surpassing similar cultivated pine mushrooms that have been released so far.

You can enjoy delicious dishes such as pine mushroom rice, enoki mushroom stew, and soup. Moreover, the beta-glucan contained in Chamsol Songi is recognized as a beneficial nutrient that contributes to boosting the immune system.

The production process of Chamsol Songi takes approximately 5 to 6 months, or about 180 days, from substrate production to mushroom cultivation. This extended period and low-temperature cultivation method are necessary for the creation of beta-glucan in the mushrooms. Chamsol Songi brings both taste and health to your table.

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