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(Expiry: 11/2) Korean Red Hot Chili Pepper Powder 10.6oz (300g)

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  • 100% Korean grown pepper (Goesan, Korea)
  • Pristine & healthy pepper powder with thorough cleaning processes 
  • Deep & rich flavor with stems removed by hand before processing


Refrigerate or freeze after opening


Use as food ingredient


Korean red chili pepper power

Korean Red Chili Pepper Powder is made from sun-dried red chili peppers that are finely ground into a coarse powder. It's different from the regular chili powder you might be familiar with, as it has a distinctive smoky, fruity, and slightly sweet taste. The bright red color also adds a beautiful visual appeal to any dish.

This versatile spice is an essential component in iconic Korean dishes like Kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish, and various stews and soups. It's also used to season meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes, giving them that signature Korean kick.

Korean Red Chili Pepper Powder is known for its moderate spiciness, making it more approachable for those who enjoy flavorful food without overwhelming heat.

If you're a fan of exploring new flavors and trying out exciting recipes, I highly recommend adding Korean Red Chili Pepper Powder to your pantry. You can use it in marinades, rubs, or as a seasoning to elevate your cooking and create mouthwatering Korean-inspired dishes at home.

So, next time you're feeling adventurous in the kitchen, give Gochugaru(Korean Red Chili Pepper Powder) a try and experience the wonderful world of Korean flavors! You won't be disappointed!

This gochugaru (chili pepper powder) is made from clean chili peppers, a specialty of Goesan, South Korea, located in an area with pure air and green mountains. The Goesan County Cooperative Corporation has been making efforts for a long time to promote the sales of local specialties produced by local farms within the region and supply consumers with high-quality chili pepper powder.

Under the belief of creating clean chili pepper powder, the finest chili peppers from The Goesan are carefully selected, thoroughly cleaned, and dried in an HACCP-certified facility. The dried chili peppers are sterilized with ultraviolet rays, and high-quality chili pepper powder is produced by using magnetic sorters and metal detectors to remove any metal impurities that may occur during processing.

By manually removing the stems of dried chili peppers during processing, the chili pepper powder gains a rich and clean taste, and it encapsulates the unique flavor and aroma of Goesan chili peppers.

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