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Nothing Else 반려동물 간식 - Wild Caught Pollock 4.2oz.(120g)

애견들을 위한 100% 천연재료

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  • 100% 자연산 명태 동결건조
  • 원물의 영양가를 그대로 간직
  • 간건강과 면역력 강화에 좋은 필수 아미노산이 풍부


실온에서 직사광선을 피해 보관


패키지에 추천 간식 양 참조


100% 자연산 명태

Kevin's Choice "Nothing Else" Freeze-Dried Pet Treats are premium pet treats made exclusively from fresh Pollock caught in the deep sea. By freeze-drying the pure fillet of Pollock, the true taste and nutrition of Pollock are perfectly preserved. Using the whole fillet rather than ground meat maintains the natural texture and nutrients of Pollock.

Our unique freeze-drying process ensures the treats are hygienic and made without destroying any nutrients, rich in essential amino acids beneficial for liver health and boosting immunity. The entire manufacturing process is managed in-house, from selecting raw materials to final production, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

Produced in Korea under strict quality control, these treats use only pure Pollock without any additives, providing our pets with a healthy snack just as nature intended.

These treats are the best choice for pets with discerning tastes or when there's concern about unidentified ingredients or additives. They are also suitable for medium to large breeds.

After undergoing rigorous quality control, including raw material cutting, a 40-50 hour drying process, and a metal detection inspection before shipping, the treats are guaranteed safe.

Give your dogs and cats health and happiness with "Nothing Else" Pollock treats. With Kevin's Choice, making a choice for your pet's health and satisfaction becomes easier. Take another careful look at what you feed your family. The "Nothing Else" treats are created from a meticulous manufacturing process, born out of a caring heart for the family.

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