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Korean Broth Secrets Unearthed: Delving into the Soul of Korean Soups

Korean Broth Secrets Unearthed: Delving into the Soul of Korean Soups

Korean broth-based cuisine is incredibly diverse. It stands as a symbol of harmony, encapsulating Korean culinary traditions and history. Broth-infused dishes have been cherished across various scenes, from homes to royal palaces, thanks to their perfect blend of narratives and flavors. Koreans love broth-based dishes so much that the spoon has become an indispensable tool when enjoying them. Using a spoon to scoop both ingredients and broth enhances the richness of taste, texture, and satisfaction, enriching the Korean dining experience.


anchovy and ox bone for broth making

Two of the Most Popular Korean Broth Ingredients

Anchovy broth and beef bone broth are crucial components of Korean cuisine. Anchovy broth, made primarily from anchovies, boasts a clear, refreshing taste and aroma. The savory essence of anchovies infuses the broth, enhancing its depth of flavor. It's commonly used as a base for seafood or broth-based dishes like anchovy noodle soup or seafood miso soup, emphasizing the ingredients' flavors and creating light, refreshing dishes. On the other hand, beef bone broth is made by simmering beef bones for a long time, resulting in a rich, savory taste and aroma. Rich in meaty flavors and nutrients, it's widely used in broth-based or soy sauce-based dishes like beef bone soup, beef rib soup, or kimchi stew, highlighting the taste of meat and adding a robust, savory flavor. Therefore, anchovy broth is preferred for its light and refreshing taste, while beef bone broth is favored for its deep meaty flavor. These broths play a crucial role in enhancing the taste and aroma of Korean cuisine.


Essential Korean Soup Dishes

Among Korea's diverse array of dishes, those made with broth are particularly delicious and nutritious, with their unique depth of flavor and aroma crafted through dedication and time. Now, let's take a look at some representative Korean dishes made with broth.

anchovy noodle soup

Anchovy Noodle Soup (Myeolchi Guksu):

Anchovy broth serves as the base for this simple yet delicious Korean noodle soup. The intense flavor and aroma of anchovies blend harmoniously with the broth, creating a fresh and clean taste. Noodles, vegetables, and meat are added to the anchovy broth, resulting in a light and healthy meal option.

View Recipe for Making Anchovy Broth

Beef Bone Soup (Gomtang):

Gomtang is a hearty soup made by simmering beef bones and meat for an extended period. The rich and savory broth, combined with tender beef, offers a satisfyingly robust flavor. Typically, Gomtang includes beef bones, intestines, and other offal, simmered to perfection for a deep, rich taste. It was even named the dish of the year by The New York Times in 2023.

korean beef broth soup

Ox Bone Soup (Seolleongtang):

Seolleongtang, often described as the soul food of many Koreans, is a nourishing soup made by simmering ox bones and meat for a long time. The clear broth and tender meat create a smooth and rich flavor. Seolleongtang usually includes sliced beef, intestines, and brisket, offering an optimal combination of meaty texture and flavor.


In conclusion, Korean broth-based cuisine embodies a harmonious blend of taste and culture, reflecting Korea's rich culinary heritage and the affection of its people. Dishes made with broth not only offer delightful flavors but also play a vital role in Korean cuisine, showcasing the dedication and history of Koreans. Explore the diverse world of Korean broth-based dishes and experience their exceptional flavors firsthand.

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