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Why Kevin's Choice

"Hello this is Kevin, from Kevin’s Choice!"

Hello this is Kevin, from Kevin’s Choice!  We are an online grocery store specializing in Korean food.  We are committed to provide the best quality products at the best prices to our customers.

You won’t see many big name branded products at our store, however, you will find unique and quality products that are made with care and passion.  

I always had a deep love for Korean food and its culture, even while growing up in New Jersey. Our family immigrated to the US, and I found myself yearning for the flavors and traditions of home. I would often ask my mother to cook Korean food or take me to local Korean restaurants. The complexities and harmonious combination of exotic ingredients of Korean cuisine really had a grounding impact on my passion for Korean food.

Kevin, Goes back to Korea!

In 2010, upon returning to Korea for work and military service, I was struck by the vibrant Korean food scene. The extensive array of ingredients, sophisticated fermentation techniques, diverse dining customs, and countless restaurant options were both exhilarating and fulfilling. Korean cuisine, known for its affordability and healthfulness, became an essential source of sustenance during the demanding and hectic daily routines of acclimating to the relocation. From commonplace grocery store staples to artisanal delicacies such as fermented pastes and fishes, the quality and diversity surpassed any Korean food experiences I had encountered in the US.

전통 고추장 된장 항아리 숙성 미국 traditional heritage certified korean gochujang maker

Beginning of Kevin's Choice

Motivated by a commitment to introduce the exquisite flavors of Korean cuisine to my family and friends in the US, I initiated the practice of sending food packages from Korea. This endeavor revealed to me the universal appeal of Korean food, prompting me to recognize that not only my loved ones, but also Korean Americans and individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, deserved access to premium-quality Korean culinary offerings. Subsequently, I embarked on extensive travels throughout the Korean peninsula, diligently seeking out food products that would genuinely enhance the experience of our customers.

Kevin's Belief

As a discerning customer seeking a gratifying shopping experience, my priority lies in obtaining quality products at competitive prices, devoid of additional expenses. At Kevin’s Choice, we are dedicated to ensuring that every customer gains access to top-tier products at the most favorable prices, consistently.

To continually meet the expectations of our customers, we adhere to the following principles:

  1. Diligent sourcing: We exert considerable effort to identify and select products that epitomize exceptional value.
  2. Direct procurement: By procuring directly from suppliers and negotiating rigorously, we secure the most favorable prices.
  3. Streamlined import and export: Through managing our import and export operations in-house, we eliminate unnecessary expenses, thereby passing on the resulting savings to our customers.
  4. Quality assurance: We personally visit our suppliers to meticulously inspect product quality and manufacturing processes, ensuring transparency and reliability. These insights are shared with our customers through our website and Instagram platforms.
  5. Cost efficiency: We are committed to maximizing cost efficiencies wherever feasible, empowering our customers to enjoy savings without compromising on quality.

In essence, our mission is simple: We save, so you can save, ensuring an unparalleled shopping experience characterized by quality, affordability, and transparency.

local taste

high quality

reasonable price

We want our customers to see the true value in our products.  We would even ask our customers to actually compare our products to that of competitors and see the difference in terms of quality, price, and our exceptional customer service.  Nothing will make us happier when a customer says, “Wow, it’s so delicious, affordable, and satisfying!”  Have your friends and loved ones over because with Kevin’s Choice, it’s time to serve.

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