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Marinated Spicy Shrimp 양념 새우장 3pcs 4.2oz (120g)

Plump and Spicy Shrimp Delight

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  • Large Shinan shrimp, approximately 3 in
  • Firm texture shrimp and the savory flavor of handmade seasoning sauce. 
  • The product is easy to eat as the shells have been removed.


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Thaw in refrigerator for up to 24 hours before consuming. Keep frozen otherwise.


Shrimp, Apple juice, Soy sauce, Glucose syrup, Red pepper powder, Plum extract, Paprika powder, Sugar, Garlic, Ginger

Contains: Shrimp, Soybean

Marinated Spicy Shrimp 양념 새우장 3pcs 4.2oz (120g)

Authentic Korean Seafood: Perfect for Korean Banchan (Side Dish) and Pairing with Beer

Indulge in the rich, savory taste of Kevin's Choice Marinated Spicy Shrimp 양념 새우장. This authentic Korean seafood delicacy combines the finest shrimp from Sinan, Korea, with a special spicy marinade crafted from domestically sourced red pepper flakes, garlic, anchovies, crabs, kelp, and various other ingredients. The result is a perfect balance of firm texture, spicy-sweetness, and rich umami flavor.

Our marinated spicy shrimp 양념 새우장 is rapidly frozen to maintain its freshness and meticulously peeled by hand. This ensures you get the best quality shrimp, ready to be enjoyed as a flavorful side dish (banchan) or a creative addition to your favorite recipes. Whether you savor it with freshly cooked rice, in sushi, or in a rice bowl dish, it’s a versatile ingredient that enhances any meal.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean seafood made from fresh Sinan shrimp
  • Special spicy marinade with red pepper flakes, garlic, anchovies, crabs, and kelp
  • Firm texture with a spicy-sweet, rich umami flavor
  • Perfect for banchan (side dishes) and pairing with beer
  • Versatile: enjoy with rice, in sushi, or in rice bowl dishes
  • Rapidly frozen and meticulously hand-peeled for freshness
  • Convenient 4.2oz (120g) package suitable for solo diners

Usage Tips:

  • Enjoy as a side dish with freshly cooked rice
  • Create a delicious shrimp sauce bibimbap by drizzling the sauce over hot rice, adding vegetables or eggs, and mixing in the shrimp
  • Use in sushi or rice bowl dishes for a flavorful twist

Experience the authentic taste of Korean cuisine with Kevin's Choice Marinated Spicy Shrimp양념 새우장, a premium seafood product that brings rich flavors and versatility to your table.

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