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Tuna Mayo Kimbap 참치마요 김밥 8.1oz (230g)

A Meal in 3 Minutes

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Ready to eat in 3 minutes!

Rich taste of abundant tuna and mayonnaise

Rice cooked with kiln fire for chewier texture


Keep Frozen -18°F (0°C)


Microwave 3 mins and consume.


Rice, Pickled Radish, Other Processed Seafood [Tuna, Canola Oil, Vitamin B75, Guargum], Burdock Root Stew (Burdock Root, Blended Soy Sauce, Other Sugars, Sea Salt, Malt), Processed Vegetables 1 (Carrot, Soybean Oil, Processed Salt, Food Additive Mix (Flavor Enhancer)), Processed Vegetables 2 (Spinach, Processed Salt), Mayonnaise (Vegetable Oil, Egg Yolk, Fermented Vinegar, Sugar, Refined Salt), Onion, Perilla Leaves, Seasoned Seaweed, Sesame Oil, Vegetable Cream, Sauce 1 (Processed Salt, Other Processed Products, Starch Syrup, Powdered Milk Sugar, Refined Salt), Salt 2 [Tuna Extract {Concentrated Tuna Extract}], Fermented Vinegar, Black Pepper Powder, Flavoring

Contains: Eggs, Soy, Milk, Wheat, Beef


Tuna mayo kimbap is a healthy and convenient frozen kimbap that can be enjoyed by busy professionals, homemakers, and those living alone.

This product provides a balanced nutritional profile with a quick and easy cooking method, delivering a rich and deep flavor. The rice, cooked using the traditional kama-jikwa method, is generously filled with abundant tuna and mayonnaise, enhancing the taste of tuna mayo kimbap. As a convenient frozen food, it can be easily stored, allowing you to enjoy delicious kimbap anytime.

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