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Absolute Anchovy Sauce 멸치초액젓 38.8oz (900ml)

One Spoon of Pure Anchovy

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  • Made with fresh seasonal anchovies from the southern coast of Korea and local sea salt.
  • Korean fish sauce.
  • Only the clearest part of anchovy fish sauce is separated to make the purest fish sauce.


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


Use as food ingredient.


Anchovy, Sea Salt (천일염), Water

 Authentic Korean Condiment: Absolute Anchovy Sauce

Discover the rich and savory flavor of Kevin's Choice Absolute Anchovy Sauce 멸치초액젓, an authentic Korean fish sauce that is a staple in Korean cuisine. This high-quality Korean condiment is made by separating only the clearest part of the anchovy fish sauce, ensuring a clear and pure taste without any foul-fishy odor. This process guarantees that the sauce retains its delicious flavor even after long periods.

Kevin's Choice Absolute Anchovy Sauce is a must-have for any kitchen. In Korea, this anchovy fish sauce, known as "myeolchi aekjeot," is essential for making kimchi and serves as a natural MSG, adding umami to side dishes, soups, and seasoned vegetables. Whether you're preparing traditional Korean dishes or experimenting with new recipes, this sauce enhances the flavor profile of your meals.

Benefits of Absolute Anchovy Sauce

Enjoy the versatility and richness of Absolute Anchovy Sauce, perfect for adding depth to your dishes. This authentic Korean fish sauce is not only a key ingredient in kimchi but also enhances the taste of various Korean condiments, making it an indispensable part of your culinary repertoire.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean fish sauce (myeolchi aekjeot)
  • Clear and pure taste without any foul-fishy odor
  • Essential ingredient for kimchi and a natural MSG
  • Enhances the umami in side dishes (banchan), soups, and seasoned vegetables
  • Made by separating only the clearest part of the anchovy fish sauce
  • Retains delicious flavor over a long period
  • Convenient 900ml bottle

Elevate your cooking with Kevin's Choice Absolute Anchovy Sauce, an authentic Korean condiment that brings the true flavors of Korea to your table.

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