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Frozen Croaker 10pcs 1kg 냉동조기 (2.2lbs)

Plump and Milky Flesh

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  • Tender and delicate flavor
  • Lots of meat of the fish
  • Keeps fresh with rapid freezing


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Use as food ingredient



Frozen Croaker 10pcs 1kg (2.2lbs)

Authentic Korean Seafood: Frozen Croaker

Experience the delicate and sophisticated flavor of Kevin's Choice Frozen Croaker (냉동굴비), a premium Korean seafood product that brings authentic Korean cuisine to your table. Croaker is known for its tender flesh and rich taste, making it a versatile option for various dishes. Our product package contains 10 pieces, perfect for enjoying one fish at a time, and offers excellent value with its affordable price and plump meat.

The croaker is rapidly frozen to maintain the highest level of freshness, ensuring that its authentic taste is preserved. This seafood is primarily used for grilling or braising, making it an easy and delicious banchan (side dish) that complements any meal. Whether you're preparing a traditional Korean feast or a simple dinner, Kevin's Choice Frozen Croaker is a great addition to your culinary repertoire.

Benefits of Kevin's Choice Frozen Croaker

Sourced from pristine waters and meticulously prepared, Kevin's Choice guarantees the highest standards of quality and safety. The rapid freezing process locks in the croaker's natural flavors, providing a fresh and enjoyable eating experience every time.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean seafood made from high-quality croaker
  • Tender flesh with a delicate, sophisticated flavor
  • Rapid freezing maintains freshness and authentic taste
  • Ideal for grilling or braising, making a simple and delicious banchan (side dish)
  • Convenient package with 10 pieces, perfect for portion control
  • Excellent value with affordable price and plump meat
  • Produced in facilities adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety

Enhance your meals with Kevin's Choice Frozen Croaker, a premium Korean seafood product that offers exceptional taste, nutrition, and convenience.

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