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Korean Dried Squid 4pcs 마른오징어 12oz (340g)

Authentic, Hard to Find

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  • The ultimate drinking snack.
  • Chewy squid, dried with sea-breeze
  • Many ways to enjoy


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Use as food ingredient or snack



Korean Dried Squid 4pcs 마른오징어 12oz (340g)

Authentic Korean Seafood Jerky: Korean Dried Squid

Discover the exquisite taste of Kevin's Choice Korean Dried Squid (마른오징어), a premium Korean seafood jerky that captures the essence of traditional Korean flavors. Made from fresh squid caught in the clean offshore waters, this dried squid offers a lively flavor and a chewy texture that is truly appealing. Dried in the refreshing sea breeze, the squid maintains its rich taste, making it a versatile addition to various dishes.

Kevin's Choice Korean Dried Squid is perfect for creating a variety of dishes, from side dishes (banchan) and appetizers to snacks that pair perfectly with beer. Its robust flavor and satisfying chew make it an excellent choice for any occasion. Produced in HACCP-certified facilities, our dried squid guarantees the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring a delightful and authentic Korean culinary experience.

Benefits of Kevin's Choice Korean Dried Squid

Kevin's Choice Korean Dried Squid offers a unique and flavorful snack that brings the authentic taste of Korean cuisine to your home. Its versatility makes it an essential ingredient for any Korean food lover.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean seafood jerky made from fresh squid
  • Dried in the sea breeze for a lively flavor and chewy texture
  • Ideal for side dishes (banchan), appetizers, and snacks
  • Perfect as a beer snack
  • Produced in HACCP-certified facilities for quality and safety
  • Convenient 4pcs, 12oz (340g) package

Enjoy the rich and authentic flavors of Kevin's Choice Korean Dried Squid, a premium seafood jerky that adds a touch of Korea to your culinary repertoire.

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