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Pink Shrimp 10kg 분홍새우 (22lbs.)

Richly Flavored Delicacy

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  • Fine red color and glossiness
  • Used for stir-fries or added to broth-based dishes
  • Rich flavor, crispness, and umami taste
  • Processed cleanly in HACCP-certified facilities


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Use as food ingredient


Pink Shrimp

Pink Shrimp 10kg (22lbs)

Authentic Korean Ingredient: Premium Dried Seafood

Discover the rich and nutty taste of Kevin's Choice Pink Shrimp, an authentic Korean ingredient perfect for a variety of culinary applications. Harvested from clean waters, these pink shrimps (분홍새우) are meticulously dried to preserve their natural flavor and nutrients. Each shrimp, approximately 2-3cm in size, boasts a beautiful reddish hue and a transparent appearance, making them an attractive addition to any dish.

These dried pink shrimps are rich in potassium and protein, offering both nutritional benefits and a deliciously savory flavor. They are ideal for use in dishes with nuts, stir-fried recipes, and as a base for making flavorful broths. The unique and savory flavor, combined with a crispy texture and deep umami notes, makes Kevin's Choice Pink Shrimp a versatile and essential ingredient in Korean cuisine.

Produced in clean, HACCP-certified facilities in Korea, Kevin's Choice ensures the highest standards of quality and safety. This 10kg bulk package is perfect for restaurants, catering services, and food retailers looking to offer authentic Korean dried seafood to their customers.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean ingredient made from premium pink shrimps
  • Harvested from clean waters and meticulously dried
  • Rich in potassium and protein
  • Approximately 2-3cm in size with a beautiful reddish hue
  • Ideal for use in dishes with nuts, stir-fried recipes, and broths
  • Unique savory flavor with a crispy texture and deep umami notes
  • Produced in HACCP-certified facilities in Korea
  • Available in a 10kg (22lbs) bulk package

Enhance your culinary creations with Kevin's Choice Pink Shrimp, a premium Korean dried seafood product that brings authentic flavors and nutritional benefits to your dishes.

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