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Salted Korean Opossum Shrimp 새우추젓 10kg (22lbs.)

Perfect for Kimchi Making

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  • Shrimp jeotgal made with Korean shrimp and Cheonil sea salt
  • Tasty shrimp caught in late autumn with firm flesh and thin shells
  • Traditional fermentation method of low-salt, low-temperature aging in a cave


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Thaw, then take enough portion then re-freeze.



Salted Korea Opossum Shrimp (새우추젓) 10kg (22lbs.)

Authentic Korean Kimchi-Making Ingredient

Discover the rich, authentic flavors of Kevin's Choice Salted Korea Opossum Shrimp (새우추젓), a premium Korean shrimp delicacy that is essential for traditional kimchi-making. Made by salting small shrimp, this jeotgal is known for enhancing the aroma and flavor of various dishes, especially kimchi. It also serves as a healthy substitute for salt, adding an umami taste while providing proteins, calcium, and various minerals.

At Kevin's Choice, we take pride in producing high-quality fermented seafood. Our salted shrimp undergoes traditional aging in a cave facility, where the temperature is maintained at 4-6 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This method ensures the perfect fermentation process, bringing out the best flavors and preserving the nutritional value. Fresh ingredients sourced from diverse Korean ports are used, and low-salt seasoning is applied to maintain health benefits without compromising taste.

Whether you're making kimchi or looking to enhance your dishes with authentic Korean shrimp, Kevin's Choice Salted Korea Opossum Shrimp is your go-to ingredient. Packaged in a convenient 10kg (22lbs) bulk size, it's perfect for large-scale cooking, restaurants, or catering services.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean shrimp (새우추젓) essential for kimchi-making
  • Enhances aroma and flavor in various dishes
  • Healthy substitute for salt, rich in proteins, calcium, and minerals
  • Traditional cave-aged fermentation at 4-6 degrees Celsius
  • Fresh ingredients sourced from diverse Korean ports
  • Low-salt seasoning for health benefits without compromising taste
  • Convenient 10kg (22lbs) bulk package

Usage and Storage: Ideal for kimchi-making and as a seasoning in various dishes. Store in a cool, dry place and refrigerate after opening.

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