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Dried Smoked Monkfish Jerky 아귀구이채 7oz. (200g)

Sweet and Tender

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  • Smooth and chewy texture, sweet and savory taste
  • No fishy taste or odor
  • Produced in Korea's HACCP-certified facilities using high-quality ingredients for cleanliness.


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Ready to consume, microwave 15 sec to warm



Dried Smoked Monkfish Jerky 200g (7oz.)

Authentic Korean Seafood: Dried Smoked Monkfish Jerky

Discover the exquisite taste of Kevin's Choice Dried Smoked Monkfish Jerky, a premium Korean seafood delicacy. These flattened and grilled dried monkfish fillets are carefully seasoned after being torn apart, reducing the characteristic smell of dried seafood and making them easier to enjoy. Known for its chewy texture and sweet flavor, dried monkfish offers a thick and tender bite that becomes more savory as you chew.

Monkfish is an excellent source of protein, making it a perfect supplement for those who exercise or are on a diet. It also contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, which help lower cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases and other adult diseases. The rich, savory flavor and nutritional benefits make it an ideal choice for banchan (side dishes) or as a standalone snack.

Benefits of Kevin's Choice Dried Smoked Monkfish Jerky

Produced in clean, HACCP-certified facilities in Korea, Kevin's Choice ensures the highest standards of quality and safety. This 200g package is perfect for individuals or families looking to enjoy a premium, authentic Korean seafood jerky.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean seafood made from dried monkfish fillets
  • Flattened, grilled, and seasoned for a mild, sweet flavor
  • Chewy texture that becomes more savory as you chew
  • Rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids, beneficial for health
  • Ideal for banchan (side dishes) or as a protein-rich snack
  • Produced in HACCP-certified facilities in Korea
  • Convenient 200g (7oz) package

Enhance your culinary experience with Kevin's Choice Dried Smoked Monkfish Jerky, a premium Korean seafood product that combines rich flavors with high nutritional value.

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