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Premium Cheong Guk Jang Extra Strong Fermented Soybean Paste 200g (7 oz.)

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  • Traditional Extra strong soybean paste made with 100% Korean soybeans. 
  • No artificial additives, no preservatives, no artificial coloring. 
  • Deep and rich flavor.
  • Heritage Food Certified


Keep refrigerated or frozen


use as condiment or seasoning


Soybean 100% (Korean)

This is a traditional Korean extra strong soybean paste made with 100% Korean soybeans using traditional methods. It has a deep and savory flavor.

The process begins with the soybeans being boiled in an iron cauldron, and meju (fermented soybean blocks) is crafted. Subsequently, the meju is layered with straw in an earthenware room for fermentation. Throughout the Lunar New Year period, the crocks are filled with the paste, and the cycle of opening and closing the lids is repeated to nurture an authentic and flavorful product.

Kevin's Choice Cheonggukjang holds the certification as a traditional food product and boasts a complete absence of MSG, preservatives, or artificial coloring. Additionally, we proudly bear certification as a rural complex industry.

Utilizing 100% Korean soybeans, our commitment to avoiding any artificial additives remains steadfast throughout the entire production process. From the initial boiling of soybeans in the cauldron to fermentation in the earthenware crocks, we meticulously preserve the quality of the ingredients, resulting in a profound and authentic traditional soybean paste.

Kevin's Choice is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Korean fermented foods while pursuing healthy eating. Discover the effort we put into providing healthy food options.

*Please note that this product contains absolutely no preservatives, unlike other products on the market, and cannot be stored at room temperature. After receiving it, please refrigerate or freeze it.

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