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Kevin's Choice Perilla Powder 들깨가루 7oz. (200g)

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  • Only high-quality 100% domestic perilla seeds are used.
  • hush-removed perilla powder with a strong smoothness and richness.
  • It is grown and produced directly by the farmers in Nonsan, Korea


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Perilla seed powder

Kevin's Choice Perilla Powder 들깨가루 7oz. (200g)

Authentic Korean Condiment: Premium Quality Perilla Seed Powder

Indulge in the rich, nutty flavor of Kevin's Choice Perilla Powder, an authentic Korean condiment meticulously crafted from high-quality perilla seeds. We carefully roast these seeds at a low temperature and meticulously remove the husks to produce a finely ground and delicious perilla seed powder (들깨가루). Our master artisans from across Korea use domestically grown whole perilla seeds, cultivated with utmost dedication, to create the finest product.

The process may be meticulous, but it results in a flavorful and aromatic perilla powder. By removing the husks and roasting the seeds, we maintain their rich taste and aroma while minimizing the generation of benzopyrene and preserving the nutrients. The meticulous removal of the husks and fine grinding ensure a high-quality perilla seed powder that cannot be compared to those made with ground husks.

This product is made with great care using fresh, 100% domestic whole perilla seeds cultivated on our own farm in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do. We have implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system to ensure cleanliness and freshness during the manufacturing process. It is free from benzopyrene, pesticide residues, and chemical additives, making it beneficial for your health.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean condiment made from premium perilla seeds
  • Carefully roasted and finely ground for rich flavor and aroma
  • Husk removal ensures a smooth and high-quality powder
  • Made from 100% domestic whole perilla seeds
  • Free from benzopyrene, pesticide residues, and chemical additives
  • Produced in ISO 9001 certified facilities
  • Convenient 200g (7oz) package

Enhance your dishes with the nutty and aromatic flavor of Kevin's Choice Perilla Powder, a premium Korean ingredient that brings authentic taste and health benefits to your meals.

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