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Hanwoo Beefbone Broth Tablets 250g (8.8oz) - 50 pcs

Skip the 20-Hour Boil

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  • Made with premium Korean beef Hanwoo 
  • Free from 8 synthetic additives
  • Safe HACCP certification, neat individual packaging


Store in a dry and cool area


Use 1 tablet per each 12fl oz of boiling water. Apply more if necessary.


Beef bone extract powder, Green onion extract powder, onion powder, salt, Yeast extract, Rice powder, Garlic powder, Mushroom powder, Ginger powder, Burdock powder, and Lotus powder.

Contains: SOY

"Hanwoo Korean Beef Bone Broth" is the cornerstone of our dining table, offering convenience and healthiness. With its warm broth, it revitalizes our energy, becoming the Korean soul food that comes to mind during cold and challenging times. Do you find it difficult each time to remove impurities, eliminate unwanted odors, and deal with the time-consuming process of making beef bone broth?

"Hanwoo Korean Beef Bone Broth" is made not from regular Korean beef but from Hanwoo, a premium Korean breed. In each 5g coin-sized broth, you'll find Hanwoo beef bones (Korean), lotus root (Korean), burdock root (Korean), shiitake mushrooms (Korean), onions (Korean), green onions (Korean), garlic (Korean), ginger (Korean), and sea salt (Korean). Produced using appropriate drying methods (freeze-drying, spray-drying) for each ingredient, the broth retains the natural flavors of the ingredients, resulting in a deep and rich-tasting bone broth.

Manufactured in their own trusted factory and boasting a unique taste developed through research and development, " Hanwoo Korean Beef Bone Broth" is a safe seasoning with 8 specific synthetic additives omitted. Ingredients like stearic acid magnesium, HPMC, flavor enhancers, L-glutamic acid sodium, antioxidants, emulsifiers, CMC-ca, and silicon dioxide are not included, allowing the whole family to enjoy it without worries. The product undergoes regular safety certifications from government-approved self-quality inspection agencies every year, providing consumers with confidence in enjoying this product.

Individually packaged for hygiene and convenience, "Hanwoo Korean Beef Bone Broth" can be easily prepared in various locations such as homes, camping sites, and travel destinations. It is versatile and can be used not only for soups, stews, and hot pots but also for various other dishes.

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