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Dried Pollock Slices 200g (7oz.)

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  • It is light and has a rich texture, making it suitable for both broth and side dishes.
  • It contains amino acids such as methionine, which are beneficial for relieving hangover symptoms.
  • It is manufactured in HACCP-certified facilities, ensuring clean production.


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Use for better taste in soup or Use air-fryer 400℉ for 5 mins for crunchy taste



Dried pollock slices (Hwangtae-chae), sourced from the pristine waters, captures the freshness of the sea and offers a chewy texture and mild flavor that are truly delightful. Many Koreans seek Hwangtae-chae soup made from its broth the day after drinking alcohol, as it contains amino acids like methionine that help protect the liver and alleviate hangover symptoms. Its chewy texture also makes it a versatile ingredient for various seasonings and side dishes when stir-fried. Cheongjeongotgan manages and directly oversees every production process, ensuring only rigorously selected and fresh dried seafood is sold. Additionally, it holds HACCP certification and the Quality Certification from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, providing reassurance for safe consumption.

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