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Gochujang Seasoned Green Laver 50g (1.76 oz.)

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  • A spicy and savory sea aroma
  • Seasoned with homemade red pepper paste
  • Manufactured using traditional methods in a clean facility certified by HACCP.


Store in dry and cool place


Ready to consume, Use as a side dish


green laver, wheat red pepper paste [wheat, red pepper powder, starch syrup, salt], glutinous red repper paste [red pepper powder, glutinous rice, fermented soybean, powder, malt, distilled spirits, salt], sugar, sesame, green onion, garlic, rice paste

Contains: Wheat, Soybean, Sesame

Our red pepper seasoned green laver, brimming with calcium, supports dental health and may assist in soothing skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. On sunny, breezy days, we generously coat one side of these handmade green laver sheets with red pepper paste, sprinkle sesame seeds, then evenly dry and oven-bake them.

These meticulously crafted green laver sheets are bursting with the rich flavors of red pepper paste and other seasonings. The delightful addition of a subtle sweetness complements its spicy and savory profile, providing a satisfying, crispy texture.

Our red pepper seasoned green laver is a nutritional powerhouse, free from chemical seasonings. Instead, we use a seasoning and red pepper paste crafted directly by the producer. 

To retain the authentic taste, Kevin's Choice uses a traditional method, carefully layering glutinous rice, red pepper paste, and garlic leaves one by one. Our production facility is certified by HACCP, upholding the time-honored sun-drying process using far-infrared heaters.  

Key Features:

  • Green laver seasoned with red pepper paste, prepared with care.
  • Crispy and savory taste.
  • Ideal as a side dish for rice or a snack with beer.
  • Can be cut and eaten immediately, or you can add some oil and pan-fry it for a crispier texture.

Usage Tips for Red Pepper Seasoned Green Laver:

  • It might break when cut with scissors, so you can either pull it apart by hand or gently pan-fry it for a softer texture.
  • It is recommended to store it in the refrigerator during the summer. When opening, do not tear it immediately; let it sit for 5-10 minutes at a similar temperature to avoid moisture absorption.

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