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Veggie Kimbap 야채김밥 8.1oz (230g)

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Ready to eat in 3 mins!

Balanced diet with healthy ingredients

Rice cooked with kiln fire for a chewier texture


Keep Frozen -18°C (0°C)


Microwave 3 mins and consume.


Rice, Processed Vegetables [Carrot, Soybean Oil, Processed Salt, L-Cysteine Sodium Sulfite], Processed Tofu [Soybeans, Soybean Oil, Coagulant, Glycerol Fatty Acid Ester, Calcium Carbonate, Lecithin], Sauce 1 [Corn Syrup, D-Sorbitol Solution, Brewed Soy Sauce, Sugar, Glucose], Burdock Root Stew (Burdock Root, Blended Soy Sauce, Other Sugars, Sea Salt, Malt), Seasoned Seaweed, Sesame Oil, Sauce 2 [Other Processed Products, Refined Salt, L-Cysteine Sodium Sulfite (Flavor Enhancer)]

Contains: Soy, Wheat


Veggie Kimbap 야채김밥

Discover the wholesome goodness of our Korean Veggie Kimbap 야채김밥, a vegan delight that marries the rich tapestry of Korea's vegetable bounty in one savory roll. Each bite unfurls the sweet crispness of carrots and the savory crunch of burdock root, complemented by the nutty essence of tofu skin. Not just any kimbap, our offering is perfected with rice prepared through the traditional kama-jikhwa method, ensuring a chewy, flavor-packed experience. Ideal for health-conscious epicureans, our Korean Kimbap stands out, whether enjoyed fresh or as frozen kimbap, retaining its delightful taste and texture. Ready for a joyful and fulfilling meal? Order online now and relish the exquisite flavors of our Vegan Korean Kimbap, crafted for culinary bliss.

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