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Delicious Candied small anchovies

Delicious Candied small anchovies

korean anchovy sidedish with walnut 호두와 고추가 들어간 멸치볶음

Candied small anchovies (지리멸치볶음) is a popular Korean dish that celebrates the robust flavor of small dried anchovies. These anchovies are first sautéed until they turn crispy and golden, releasing a deep umami essence. The dish is often seasoned with a combination of soy sauce, garlic, and sometimes a hint of sweetness from sugar. The resulting stir-fried anchovies boast a satisfying crunch and an intense savory taste, making them a popular side dish or snack in Korean cuisine. The dish's simplicity belies its complex flavor profile, offering a delightful balance of saltiness and slight sweetness, accompanied by the satisfying texture of the anchovies.


Small dried anchovy 100g Add to cart

Two anaheim pepper

One cup walnuts or mixed nuts

Honey 1T

Corn syrup 1T

Soy sauce 1T

Sesame oil 1/2T Add to cart

Sesame seeds 2t



1. On low heat, stir fry anchovy until they are crisp and dry to touch.

2. Add sliced peppers.

3. Add soy sauce, honey, corn syrup and stir fry 2-3 mins until all are well mixed.

4. Turn off heat, drizzle sesame oil, and sprinkle sesame seeds.

5. Serve and enjoy!

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