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Stir-fried pine mushroom with vegetables

Stir-fried pine mushroom with vegetables

Korean mushroom sidedish banchan 한국산 참송이 버섯

Stir-fried pine mushroom with vegetables combines the essence of pesticide-free certified dried pine mushrooms with a medley of vegetables and savory flavors. It's an easy-to-make and healthy Korean food option. Chamsol Songi is a unique blend resulting from grafting 80% pine mushroom strain and 20% shiitake mushroom strain, offering a texture even finer than shiitake mushrooms. This dish features rehydrated Chamsol Songi along with diced carrots, onions, and green onions, all stir-fried to a delicate tenderness.

The earthy richness of the mushrooms harmonizes with the sweet savoriness of the vegetables, complemented by the vibrant notes of Korean bulgogi sauce. Finished with a drizzle of sesame oil, sesame seeds, and a touch of ground pepper, Chamsol Songi Stir Fry is a culinary masterpiece that marries taste with health benefits.

The production process of Chamsol Songi spans about 5 to 6 months, utilizing low-temperature cultivation to foster the creation of beneficial beta-glucan, known to enhance the immune system.


Dried pine mushrooms 50g 

Carrots ½ cup

Onions ½ cup

Green Onion ¼ cup

Korean bulgogi sauce 50g Add to cart

Cooking oil 1T

Sesame oil 1T Add to cart

Sesame seeds 2t

Ground Pepper 1t



1. Soak dried pine mushrooms overnight (6-8 hours) in water.

2. Drain water and gently squeeze out water from the mushrooms.

3. Slice carrots, onions, and green onions into bite size

4. Stir fry carrots and onions on medium heat with 1T cooking oil.

5. Add mushrooms and bulgogi sauce, and cook for another 3 mins until mushrooms are tender.

6. Garnish with sesame seeds and pepper, and enjoy!

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