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Saewujeot(salted shrimp) Muchim

Saewujeot(salted shrimp) Muchim

Korean bbq condiment made with shrimp 새우젓무침

Saewujeot Muchim is a traditional Korean condiment featuring fermented salted opossum shrimp, known for its intense umami flavor. It goes perfectly well with various meat dishes, particularly pork. Prepared with salted shrimp, it's mixed with minced serrano or jalapeno pepper, Korean red pepper flakes, sugar, green onion, and finished with sesame oil and seeds before serving. This condiment enhances dishes with its robust taste, elevating the overall flavor experience of Korean cuisine.


Salted opossum shrimp 400g Add to cart

One or half serrano or jalapeno minced 1/2T 

Korean red pepper flake 1T 

Sugar  1/2T 

One green onion sliced

Sesame seed  1/2T

Sesame oil  2t  Add to cart



1. Prepare salted opossum shrimp and drain out the water.

2. Mix in bowl with Korean red pepper flake, sugar, minced pepper, green onion.

3. Drizzle 2t of sesame oil and little bit of sesame seeds right before serving.

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