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Sweet and spicy shredded squid

Sweet and spicy shredded squid

sweet and spicy korean red squid slices sidedish banchan 한국산 홍진미채 진미채 반찬

Sweet and spicy shredded squid (Ojingeo-chae-bokkeum) is commonly enjoyed as a side dish in Korean food cuisine. It's known for its unique texture and bold flavor, making it an easy-to-make and healthy food choice to accompany a bowl of rice or to enjoy as a snack. The dried shredded squid is typically rehydrated before cooking.

It's then stir-fried with a combination of ingredients such as vegetables, garlic, onions, and gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes) to add a spicy kick. The result is a dish that's savory, slightly sweet, and often spicy, depending on the level of heat you prefer.


Dried seasoned red squid chips  200g Add to cart

Korean red pepper paste 2T Add to cart

Minced garlic 1T

Mayonnaise 2T

Olive oil 2T

Water 1T

Red pepper flake 1T  

Sugar 1T

Honey 2T

Sesame oil 1T Add to cart



1. Soak dried seasoned red squid chips in water for about 5 mins and drain completely.

2. Cut dried seasoned red squid chips with scissor to size.

3. Mix Korean red pepper paste, minced garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, sugar, and water on low heat.

4. Turn off heat and mix in honey, mayonnaise, and sesame oil.

5. Serve and enjoy!

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