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Crazykoreancooking, A Lovely Korean Food Family Ambassador

Crazykoreancooking, A Lovely Korean Food Family Ambassador

Recently, Kevin’s Choice had an honor to be featured in Crazykoreacooking social media.  They are a lovely Korean family living in the United States advocating unique Korean food & culture.  Especially their elderly parents in the videos are loved by many for their genuine reactions and enthusiasm for Korean food!  We would like to introduce you to this loving family called “Crazykoreancooking!”   

Crazy Korean Cooking traces its origins back to a small team of close-knit family members and friends who shared an unyielding passion for Korean food. Their heartfelt desire was to introduce the world to the true taste of Korean cuisine, the kind that was crafted by their mothers and grandmothers, using wholesome and genuine ingredients. Witnessing the lack of resemblance in "Korean" food outside of Korea, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Their journey commenced with the humble act of sharing cherished family recipes through an online platform, To their surprise, this initial venture quickly gained traction, connecting them with numerous enthusiasts eager to savor the authenticity of Korean flavors.

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As they interacted with their growing community, an alarming realization struck them - the scarcity of high-quality Korean ingredients and cookware in North America. In response, they pondered over a seemingly simple yet groundbreaking question - "Why not make these products available ourselves?" This question sparked the birth of their company, Crazy Korean Cooking. The founders' vision extended far beyond a mere business endeavor; it encompassed a heartfelt mission to showcase not only authentic Korean recipes, ingredients, and products but also the vibrant tapestry of traditions and culture woven into each dish. At the heart of their approach lay an unwavering commitment to educate the masses about Korean cooking, food, and the cultural significance that lies behind every mouthwatering creation. Their website and resources became the gateway for enthusiasts to explore the depths of Korean culinary arts.


Crazy Korean Cooking was not just a brand; it was a celebration of flavors, culture, and togetherness. Each dish they offered unraveled a story, and every meal became an experience to cherish. Through their culinary adventure, they invited others to join them in savoring the traditions that brought joy and connection, one delicious bite at a time.


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