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Korean oils to take over your pantry!

Korean oils to take over your pantry!

Amidst the rising popularity of olive oil, a plethora of healthy oils has flooded the market. Yet, even without actively seeking alternatives, we've been using oils as beneficial for our health as olive oil all along. Enter sesame oil and perilla oil—staples of Korean cuisine super food with a history dating back over a thousand years, well beyond a millennium. In a surprising turn of events, at the "2012 France World Edible Oil Contest," sesame oil and perilla oil clinched the gold and silver awards. This unexpected accolade from France, renowned for its discerning palate, sparked a movement to reevaluate and rediscover the value of our traditional oils.

In recent times, propelled by their health benefits, distinct aroma, and the global influence of Korean cuisine, sesame oil and perilla oil are undergoing a renaissance not only in culinary applications but also in innovative manufacturing processes. In keeping with this wellness trend, Kevin's Choice is proud to offer clean and healthy oils to Korean immigrants across the United States.


Good land, good crops!

Quality ingredients are the cornerstone of great taste in any cuisine. Nestled in the heart of Chungcheongnam-do, Nonsan has long been revered as a prime agricultural hub in Korea. Blessed with lush rivers, verdant mountains, and a temperate climate, this region boasts abundant water resources and optimal growing conditions. Harnessing the bounties of nature, Kevin's Choice meticulously crafts sesame oil and perilla oil, drawing upon three generations of expertise honed over 50 years of tending to the land with a deep reverence for the environment.

kevin looking at the sesame field in Nonsan, Korea.

Health benefits of sesame oil and perilla oil!

Sesame oil is rich in antioxidant compounds such as lignans, which have been associated with anti-cancer effects and reducing inflammation. Its high omega-6 content can contribute to lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, with sesame oil often believed to have a more significant impact on cholesterol reduction compared to olive oil. On the other hand, perilla oil stands out for its high omega-3 fatty acid content, which has been linked to benefits for cardiovascular health and various inflammatory conditions. Additionally, the abundant unsaturated fatty acids found in both sesame oil and perilla oil provide essential nutrients to the brain, helping to prevent cell damage and promoting positive effects on learning ability and cognitive function.

Korean_sesame_oil_with pork belly 

How are they used?

Sesame oil and perilla oil, while sharing some similarities, each offer distinct flavors and culinary uses. Sesame oil is often employed for seasoning vegetables, particularly in dishes like namul (seasoned vegetables). Its aromatic and rich flavor enhances the taste of fresh namul, creating a delightful dish. Sesame oil is also a crucial ingredient in making fresh kimchi-salad (Geotjeori, 겉절이), adding depth and fragrance to the dish. On the other hand, perilla oil is commonly used in dishes such as seasoned kimchi with rice bran and pan-fried tofu. It adds a unique flavor profile that complements these dishes perfectly. When enjoying seasoned namul, perilla oil is a favored choice. In recent times, renowned chefs worldwide have been exploring innovative recipes featuring sesame oil and perilla oil, showcasing the versatility and culinary potential of these oils.


The most crucial production process!

While sesame oil and perilla oil boast numerous health benefits, their production process can significantly impact their quality and safety. Typically, sesame and perilla seeds undergo roasting before being pressed to extract the oil. Roasting at high temperatures intensifies the aroma and increases oil yield, prompting many companies to employ this method. However, high-temperature roasting can compromise the nutritional integrity of the seeds and lead to the formation of benzopyrene, a known carcinogen. Despite claims of using low-temperature roasting, many companies still opt for high-temperature methods, often without transparent disclosure of their production processes or seed quality.

At Kevin's Choice, we prioritize quality and safety in our production process. We utilize low-temperature roasting to preserve the nutrients in the seeds and prevent the formation of benzopyrene. Our dedicated oil press ensures that the seeds are pressed only once, yielding a smaller quantity of oil but maintaining exceptional cleanliness and quality. By adhering to these stringent standards, we deliver sesame oil and perilla oil that not only offer health benefits but also guarantee consumer safety and satisfaction.

Korean sesame manufacturer showing process

Storage methods for sesame oil and perilla oil!

All oils are susceptible to oxidation, which can result in unpleasant tastes and aromas. To prevent oxidation during distribution, many oils are stored in airtight containers. Sesame oil, however, contains the antioxidant compound "lignan," which helps inhibit oxidation, allowing it to remain stable even at room temperature. Storing sesame oil in the refrigerator can actually diminish its flavor and aroma. Therefore, the best practice is to store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, in a tightly sealed container.

Perilla oil, on the other hand, tends to spoil quickly when stored at room temperature due to its high proportion of "alpha-linolenic acid," an omega-3 fatty acid prone to oxidation. To preserve the taste and aroma of perilla oil, it should be sealed in a container and stored at a temperature below 4°C (39°F).

At Kevin's Choice, our sesame oil and perilla oil are produced in a manner that minimizes air exposure throughout the production process, ensuring the longevity of their aroma and quality. With our commitment to low-temperature roasting, low-temperature pressing, the use of dedicated presses for different raw materials, and sourcing sesame and perilla seeds from Nonsan, South Korea, we offer 100% domestic production. Kevin's Choice Premium Sesame Oil and Perilla Oil allow you to experience the unique flavors and health benefits of Korea, even in the United States!


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