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Fish shaped Cake? and Hottoek!

Fish shaped Cake? and Hottoek!

During the winter, when Koreans think about popular street snacks, most people would definitely mention "붕어빵 (boong-uh-bbang, fish-shaped bread)" and "호떡 (hotteok, sweet granola pancake)." It was a familiar scene, on those cold winter days when you'd take a break on your walk to enjoy the warm fish-shaped bread and hotteok, with steam coming out. But lately, it's not so easy to see that happening. Thanks to COVID-19 and the need to keep our distance, people aren't really hanging out on the main streets and alleys. Plus, it's kind of tough to eat while wearing a mask outside.

But guess what? Even with all this, Koreans still really love fish-shaped bread and hotteok as their special "nostalgic snacks" during the winter. Street food stalls have decreased, but now there are apps that help you find the closest place to get these treats. They even feel proud to call where they live  "붕세권" which is a mix of words "fish-shaped bread" and "subway station areas," showing off how easy it is to get these snacks nearby. Many food places are coming up with new winter menus you can enjoy in cafes or at home to make up for the street stalls being gone.
Because these treats are so popular, they've started making fish-shaped bread in different styles and feelings. They made new “one-bite mini fish shaped bread” to easily enjoy.  Also you can find all sorts of flavors like red bean, cream, chocolate, purple sweet potato, and cheese – they're really mixing it up. And you would just need to heat them up in an air fryer! 붕어빵 미국
호떡 미국 Hotteok is another king of winter snacks being sold on the Korean streets, but now you can find them in cafes too. There's the classic kind with a chewy rice dough and sweet, nutty filling that's crispy outside and soft inside. Then there's ice cream hotteok – they put vanilla ice cream as topping on warm honey hotteok and add grain powder and maple syrup to make a tasty combo of warm and sweet.
People are missing out on once used to be easily found fish-shaped bread and hotteok on the streets during the winter, and it's a bit disappointing. However, dessert shops and manufacturers are making up for it by creating and selling these treats, and people are really liking it. Try them at your house! Just air fry for a few minutes.  Along with coffee or ice cream, they will be your new favorite snacks and dessert! 호떡 아이스크림 미국



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