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Discover-the-Best-Place-to-Buy-Korean-Groceries-Online-and-Fresh-Organic-Produce-in-Brooklyn Kevin's Choice

Discover the Best Place to Buy Korean Groceries Online and Fresh Organic Produce in Brooklyn

Discover Where to Buy Korean Groceries Online and Locally in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, known for setting global trends, has fully embraced the excitement of K-culture. Korean food, celebrated for its healthy and hearty qualities, is gaining the spotlight. Amid this vibrant atmosphere, a unique culinary partnership has emerged between Kevin’s Choice, the best online Korean grocery store in the US, and Jubilee Marketplace, a local organic grocery store in Brooklyn. This collaboration blends the authentic flavors of Korea with local, organic products, creating a diverse and innovative shopping experience.

(Kevin is showcasing Korean Anchovies to customers at Jubilee Marketplace)

Kevin’s Choice: The Best Online Korean Grocery Store in the US

Looking for where to buy Korean groceries online? Kevin’s Choice is your destination for unique, high-quality Korean products that are hard to find in the US. We feature items like soy crab, pollock roe, Korean snacks, desserts, and gochujang, all directly sourced from Korea. Kevin’s Choice ensures high quality and affordable prices by visiting producers and manufacturers in Korea several times a year. This direct sourcing allows us to bring authentic Korean flavors to your kitchen at prices that won't break the bank.


Jubilee Marketplace: The Best Place to Buy Fresh Produce in Brooklyn

Located in Brooklyn, Jubilee Marketplace is a cornerstone of the community, known for its local, organic, and high-quality products. Whether you're searching for fresh produce, pasture-raised meats, artisanal cheeses, or sustainable seafood, Jubilee Marketplace has it all. Recently, Jubilee Marketplace went viral with their $2.55 burger, capturing the attention of food enthusiasts and media alike. Read more about the $2.55 burger here. We believe in building strong relationships with customers, producers, and team members, creating a lively and vibrant marketplace. By sourcing from local farms, we ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

(Jubilee's Organic Trumpets Mushroom Mini-farm)

Korean and Local Organic Food Fusion Recipes

The partnership between Kevin’s Choice and Jubilee Marketplace offers customers the best of both worlds. By combining authentic Korean ingredients with locally sourced, organic products, you can create unique and flavorful dishes that reflect both Korean traditions and local freshness. For instance, Jubilee Marketplace has a mini mushroom farm where they grow organic trumpet mushrooms inside the store, providing the freshest ingredients. Pair these locally grown mushrooms with Kevin's Choice's high-quality cold-pressed sesame oil to make a delightful mushroom side dish or enhance a classic bibimbap. This fusion not only enhances the flavors but also promotes sustainable and high-quality food choices.


Korean Snacks and Desserts Available Online

One popular fusion menu item at Jubilee's 20 Gram Cafe is the "MMGriddle," a spin-off of McDonald's McGriddle. The MMGriddle features Kevin’s Choice's sweet granola pancake (씨앗호떡), a Korean sweet dessert pancake, with cheese, egg, and sausage in between. This Korean twist on an American breakfast classic is both delicious and fun.


Shop for Authentic Korean Sauces and Condiments

The partnership between Kevin’s Choice and Jubilee Marketplace offers a unique blend of Korean authenticity and local, organic excellence. By combining the best of both worlds, they provide a diverse and high-quality shopping experience. Explore the vibrant flavors of Korea and the finest local products by visiting Jubilee Marketplace in Brooklyn or shopping at Kevin’s Choice online store. Dive into this culinary journey and discover how these two outstanding marketplaces can elevate your meals and delight your taste buds.


Visit Jubilee Marketplace and Kevin’s Choice today!

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