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Featured on "Texas Stove" Youtube

Kevin's Choice products have been featured on the fantastic YouTube channel "Texas_Stove," where they showcase the wonderful everyday lives of Korean-American families in the United States. It's all about cooking and eating together as a family, introducing Korean culture, celebrating special occasions, and capturing those precious moments that make a Korean home so warm and loving. The channel has touched the hearts of many viewers, spreading love and warmth.

1. 미국을 사로잡는 한국의 맛. 한식의 위상이 달라졌다? 미국 사는 한국 주부의 선택

After watching the heartfelt videos on Texas_Stove, we couldn't help but reach out and ask for a product review. We're incredibly grateful that they responded positively! Korean cuisine is something you can't forget, even if you've been living abroad for a long time. Many of us Koreans make sure to bring a little jar of gochujang whenever we travel, and when we return, we immediately crave kimchi jjigae and other delicious dishes. While Korean food is gaining popularity worldwide and becoming easier to find in American markets and restaurants, there's still something special about the different flavors and quality that can only be experienced through the diverse ingredients, cooking methods, and traditions deeply rooted in Korean food culture.

 2. 힘든 이민생활 위로가 필요할 때! 미국 사는 한국 엄마의 우울증 잊게 해준 아들의 특별요리, 누구나 할 수 있는 폼나는 요리

The lovely family on Texas_Stove, despite their long stay in the US, still appreciates and seeks out Korean cuisine. Even their kids, who grew up in America, happily enjoyed our soy-marinated crab dish (ganjang gejang), snacked on dried anchovies, and used salted pollack roe to make tasty pasta for their parents. Their love and interest in Korean food really impressed us and brought a smile to our faces. In one of the videos, Texas_Stove mentioned that they no longer need to buy dried anchovies when they visit Korea, and the husband, who already had a taste of hongeo (skate), described and enjoyed it even more than us. The sight of families sharing delicious food and love is what makes Texas_Stove so charming.


We became instant fans after watching the videos on Texas_Stove, and we're thrilled to see that the channel has gained a large following on YouTube. Since our videos were released, many viewers have placed orders for our products. Some of them even called us, mentioning that they've been longtime subscribers to Texas_Stove and wanted to show their support. It's been over a year since Kevin's Choice started delivering a wide range of delicious Korean food products, including jeotgal (fermented seafood) and dried anchovies, to any part of the United States at a great price. We're sincerely grateful to each and every person who recognizes and supports us, as your love and encouragement give us the strength to keep going.

We were filled with warmth and joy when we saw the happy and loving moments shared by families while enjoying our products. It made us incredibly happy to know that our products contribute to creating even more special moments for families. This love and support motivate us to work even harder, and we're excited to continue creating better products in the future. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the family on Texas_Stove and all our fans. Thanks to your love and support, our products are becoming more recognized, bringing warmth and special moments to many homes.

Lastly, if you haven't tried Kevin's Choice products yet, we highly recommend checking them out on Texas_Stove's videos. Not only will you get to experience the delicious taste and quality of our products, but you'll also feel the warmth and love from Texas_Stove. We sincerely thank everyone who has supported us and kindly ask for your continued love and interest!

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