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Premium Sesame Oil 참기름 6.3oz (180ml)

Cold-Pressed Goodness

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  • Only high-quality 100% domestic sesame seeds are used.
  • Traditional cold-pressed pure sesame oil.


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Sesame oil (100%) Contains: Sesame

Premium Sesame Oil 6.3oz (180ml)

Authentic Korean Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil

Experience the rich and deep flavor of Kevin's Choice Premium Sesame Oil (참기름), a traditional Korean oil beloved for its aromatic qualities. Made using sesame seeds cultivated by a family with over 50 years of farming expertise, this oil is cold-pressed only once using dedicated equipment to preserve the original taste and aroma. The meticulous process ensures minimal exposure to air, preventing spoilage and maintaining the oil's freshness.

Our sesame oil is perfect for enhancing the flavors of your dishes. Whether used as a finishing touch for bibimbap, a well-known Korean dish, or to add depth to pasta, salads, and sauces, this oil brings out the best in every meal. Sesame oil is rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, making it a healthy choice that helps reduce cholesterol.

Produced in an HACCP-certified facility, Kevin's Choice Premium Sesame Oil undergoes filtration with pharmaceutical-grade filter presses to remove impurities and harmful components, ensuring the highest quality. Enjoy the superior taste and nutritional benefits of this authentic Korean sesame oil in your favorite recipes.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean sesame oil made from high-quality sesame seeds
  • Cold-pressed only once to preserve original taste and aroma
  • Rich, deep flavor perfect for enhancing the aroma of dishes
  • Ideal for bibimbap, pasta, salads, and various sauces
  • Rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, beneficial for health
  • Produced in an HACCP-certified facility for high quality and safety
  • 6.3oz (180ml) bottle

Usage and Storage: Use as a finishing touch in cooking to enhance flavors. Store in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness.

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