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Salted Shrimp 새우젓 10kg (22lbs.)

Perfect for Kimchi Making

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  • Shrimp jeotgal made with Korean shrimp and Cheonil sea salt
  • Traditional fermentation method of low-salt, low-temperature aging in a cave


Below 0℉ (-18℃)


Use as food ingredient


Shrimp, Sea salt

Salted Shrimp 새우젓 10kg (22lbs.)

Authentic Korean Fermented Shrimp for Wholesale

Discover the rich, umami flavor of Kevin's Choice Salted Shrimp (새우젓갈), a staple ingredient in authentic Korean cuisine. Made by salting small shrimp, this fermented shrimp is essential for enhancing the aroma and flavor of kimchi. It also serves as a versatile substitute for salt in various dishes, adding a depth of umami taste.

Produced by Baekje Togul Jeotgal, our salted shrimp undergoes traditional aging in a cave facility where the temperature is consistently maintained between 4-6 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This meticulous process ensures the highest quality and freshness. Fresh shrimp are sourced from diverse ports in Korea and seasoned with a low-salt method, preserving their natural flavors and nutritional value.

Salted shrimp is a healthy food choice, rich in proteins, calcium, and various minerals. It’s perfect for people of all ages and can be used to elevate a wide range of dishes.

This 10kg (22lbs.) bulk package is ideal for Korean food wholesale, making it perfect for restaurants, catering services, and food retailers looking to offer authentic Korean fermented shrimp to their customers.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Korean fermented shrimp (새우젓갈)
  • Essential ingredient for kimchi and versatile salt substitute
  • Rich in proteins, calcium, and various minerals
  • Traditional aging in a temperature-controlled cave facility
  • Low-salt seasoning to enhance natural flavors
  • 10kg (22lbs.) bulk package, ideal for Korean food wholesale

Usage and Storage: Use as an ingredient in kimchi, or as a flavor enhancer in soups, stews, and other dishes. Store in a cool, dry place and refrigerate after opening.

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