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Celebrate Seollal with Authentic Korean Flavors: A Culinary Journey with Kevin's Choice

Celebrate Seollal with Authentic Korean Flavors: A Culinary Journey with Kevin's Choice

As the joyous occasion of Seollal draws near, Kevin's Choice eagerly steps up as your culinary companion, ushering in the cherished traditions of 설날 (Seollal), the Korean New Year, right into your home. Our virtual aisles brim with authentic Korean ingredients, meticulously curated for your convenience and culinary pleasure.


Korean new year food tteok guk 미국 설날 명절 음식

  • Tteokguk (떡국): The Symbolic Dish of Seollal Celebrations

At Kevin's Choice, we extend a warm invitation to explore the rich cultural significance and historical depth of Tteokguk, a dish deeply intertwined with Seollal celebrations. Tteokguk, or rice cake soup, holds a special place in Korean tradition as it symbolizes the transition to a new year in age. Traditionally savored during Seollal, this dish features thinly sliced rice cakes submerged in a clear broth, with variations that may include vegetables, meat, and dumplings. To simplify your cooking experience, consider enhancing your soup with Kevin's Choice broth tablet – it's as easy as pie!

The ritual of enjoying Tteokguk carries profound symbolism, representing the passage of time and the cyclical nature of life. As individuals partake in this time-honored dish, they embrace the concept of aging gracefully and accruing wisdom with each passing year. It serves as a culinary metaphor for the journey of life, serving as a centerpiece of familial gatherings during the Seollal festivities.

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Korean chive pancake on a plate 한국산 부추전

  • Jeon (전): Easy-to-Prepare Pancakes for a Flavorful Celebration

Discover a delightful array of flavors with our diverse selection of Korean pancake mixes. From crisp vegetables to savory meats, our online store offers all you need to elevate Seollal jeon into a highlight of your celebration. Jeon, traditional Korean pancakes, tantalize the palate with a crisp exterior yielding to a rich, savory filling. Whether opting for seafood, vegetables, or meats, Jeon's flavor profile is a symphony of textures and tastes, making it a perfect addition to your Seollal spread.

For a hassle-free and delicious jeon experience, explore our premade Korean pancake mix. Expertly crafted with premium ingredients, this mix streamlines the preparation process, ensuring you savor authentic Korean pancakes with ease. Kevin's Choice is your premier destination for top-quality, authentic Korean pancake ingredients, promising an abundance of flavor and joy to your Seollal festivities.

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korean japchae glass noodle dish 잡채

  • Japchae (잡채): Stir-Fried Glass Noodles with Seasoned Vegetables

For a dish that embodies the essence of Seollal, delve into our assortment of glass noodles and fresh vegetables to create Japchae, a symbol of prosperity and a vibrant year ahead. With our steadfast commitment to authenticity, experience the true essence of this cherished Korean delicacy.

To craft the perfect Japchae, we recommend incorporating our 'absolute anchovy sauce.' Infused with deep umami flavors, this sauce enhances the seasoned vegetables, elevating the entire Japchae dish to new culinary heights. The marriage of seasoned vegetables and glass noodles yields a harmonious fusion of textures and flavors, promising a delightful feast for your senses.

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불고기 만들기 korean bulgogi recipe

  • Bulgogi (불고기): Grilled Marinated Beef

Experience the irresistible flavors of 불고기 (Bulgogi) from Kevin's Choice. Our premium marinated beef cuts bring the essence of Korean BBQ straight to your Seollal celebration. Elevate your 불고기 experience with Maeil Food's beef bulgogi seasoning. Crafted from a traditional recipe with over 70 years of history, this sweet and savory sauce effortlessly transforms your beef bulgogi into a culinary masterpiece, rivaling those found in top-tier restaurants. Plus, Maeil Food's beef bulgogi seasoning is incredibly versatile, making it a convenient choice for a wide range of sweet and savory dishes. With meticulous production and management in a HACCP-certified facility, rest assured that Maeil Food's sauces meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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  • Patjuk (팥죽): Red Bean Comfort

Add warmth to your Seollal festivities with a comforting bowl of Kevin's Choice Healthy Red Bean Porridge. Made with premium Korean red beans, Cheorwon Odae rice, and Cheonil sea salt, this hearty 단팥죽 (danpatjuk) offers a wholesome and delicious experience. Savor the delightful texture of whole red beans, which provide a sweet taste sensation, perfect for both children and adults alike. Whether enjoyed as a nutritious breakfast or a soothing evening treat, Kevin's Choice Healthy Red Bean Porridge is sure to add a touch of warmth and joy to your Seollal celebration.

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As you gear up for Seollal festivities, Kevin's Choice is privileged to stand alongside you as your culinary ally, delivering the true essence of Korean flavors right to your doorstep. With a dedication to authenticity and excellence, we ensure that your Seollal feast embodies the richness of Korean culture. May the spirit of 설날 illuminate your home with warmth, prosperity, and the exquisite flavors of Korea. Here's to a Seollal brimming with joy, abundance, and culinary delights from Kevin's Choice!


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