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Korean BBQ pork belly

Master-Level Korean BBQ: Harmony of Pork Belly and Joetgal Delights

Korean BBQ offers a diverse array of flavors and textures, with the crispy grilled pork belly standing out for its deliciousness. Koreans, known for prioritizing flavor harmony, meticulously consider the combination of various ingredients when savoring pork belly BBQ, aiming for an even more delightful experience. While many KBBQ restaurants provide basic dipping sauces like ssamjang, soy sauce, and sesame oil-salt, upscale establishments are increasingly offering a variety of delicious Jeotgal as condiment for a new and elevated experience. Today with Kevin's Choice, let's explore the special and sophisticated Jeotgal choices that you can enjoy with KBBQ.


한국산 새우젓 무침 Korean shrimp paste

  • Savory Korean Shrimp Paste and the Tender Texture of Pork Belly

    • The tender texture of pork belly combines with the savory richness of shrimp paste to create a unique and full flavor in every bite. The harmonious meeting of the pork's fat and the fresh taste of shrimp paste brings a new dimension to the BBQ experience. Shrimp paste aids in digestion and helps cut through the richness of pork fat. Enjoying shrimp paste on its own is delightful, but mixed with few other ingredients adds another layer of enjoyment.
    • Find the recipe for SAEWUJEOT(SALTED SHRIMP) MUCHIM


갈치속젓 cutlashfish tripe paste with KBBQ

  • Deep-flavored Cutlassfish Tripe Paste and Harmony with Meat

    • Seasoned cutlassfish tripe paste stands out with its deep flavor and intense aroma. When paired with pork belly, it complements the meat's richness, creating a surprising and delightful taste. Placing cutlassfish tripe paste on grilled pork belly opens up a new world of Korean BBQ. While seasoned cutlassfish tripe paste is excellent on its own with meat, mixing it with minced garlic, pepper, onions, and other vegetables creates a smoother and more flavorful paste sauce.


herring roe with KBBQ condiments 청어알젓

  • Zesty Herring Roe Paste and the Tender Meat

    • The seasoned herring roe, with its tangy sea aroma, creates a special combination when enjoyed with the tender pork belly. The harmony of the savory pork and the zesty freshness of herring roe is a perfect choice for Korean BBQ. The popping texture of herring roe adds a delightful touch when paired with pork belly. Seasoned herring roe is an exquisite condiment that pairs well not only with meat but also with various other dishes.


mentaiko 명란젓

  • Luxurious Mentaiko Paste Elevating the KBBQ Flavor

    • Mentaiko paste, made from pollock roe, known as Korea's caviar, combines its savory aroma with pork belly, creating a luxurious creamy taste. The soft texture of mentaiko complements the crispy grilled pork belly perfectly. Adding mentaiko to your BBQ experience introduces an exotic and rich flavor. While the combination of pork belly and mentaiko might seem overly indulgent, it's well worth it for the delicious experience in every bite.


Adding jeotgal accompaniments to Korean BBQ is an attempt to elevate the diversity of flavors. Combine various types of jeotgals with pork belly to create a unique BBQ experience. Explore the exotic and rich harmony of flavors that await you in the world of Korean BBQ!

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